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little miss obsessive can't get over it [addictedgal @ lj]

thoughts. graphics. addictions.

18 April

little miss obsessive can't get over it

I actively update my TUMBLR

Female. High school senior. Canadian. █ ♥ █

LIVEJOURNAL // Fandom (book/movie/tv) Rants, Reviews, Thoughts, Squee-Posts, and etc. Graphics (icons, headers, pictures, and more).

BOOKS // HARRY POTTER. Books: Harry Potter, Sophie Kinsella Novels (Shopaholic, Can You Keep A Secret, & etc.), Firedrake (Ann Ewan), Pride & Prejudice, Anne of Green Gables, Silverwing Saga, Inheritance Cycle, The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants, A Walk To Remember, A Series of Unfortunate Events...

TV SHOWS // Television Fandoms: TV SHOWS [Click] (An Icon-List of the TV shows I follow/have followed, along with some more details on my fave ships/characters.) NOW OUTDATED - to be re-done.

MOVIES // Epics. Chick Flicks. Teen Flicks. Dramas. Book Adaptations. FLICKS[Click] (An Banner-List of the movies I just won’t forget (and thus, totally recommend). (Needs to be updated)

FRIENDS // Comment before you add me as a friend so I'll add you back. Common interests?

INTERESTS // Reading. Writing. My Fave Fandoms. Daydreaming. Drawing (mostly fashion). Hanging Out With Friends. Meeting New People. Watching Movies. Listening to Music. Adobe Photoshop. Surfing the Web.

NOTE: Scratch that, I don’t have a note.

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