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I'm totally obsessed with "Downton Abbey"

I've caught up to the premiere of the new season (or series, lol) but here were my thoughts after the first five episodes:

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"And also recently realized that it’s not spelled Downtown Abbey. Silly me.
My thoughts on the first 5 episodes because I don’t know anyone who watches this show and need to get my opinions out.

I’m pretty sure that Lady Mary is a fairly popular or one of the most popular characters on the show. Surely the plot revolves around her and the matter of her inheritance and marital prospects. Even the servants “downstairs” are gossiping about her chances at marriage. While I find her interesting and complex, I also get really annoyed with her.

Lady Edith may be annoying when she is petty towards her elder sister but it’s understandable considering Mary is consistently sending insults Edith’s way and acts so darn superior (and not just to Edith). She really thinks she can catch any guy she wants. Frankly, she’s a conceited and spoiled brat (however, I can learn to like her as flawed characters are more interesting). She complains about how her life sucks because all she is expected to do is bide her time working on charities and picking clothes until she settles down and gets married for eternity. Yeah, I can agree that’s a pretty sucky life.

Honestly, though, during that time she would definitely not be the only young woman in that situation. I bet her truly superior sister, Lady Sybil, doesn’t want that life as she is a strong advocator for women’s rights, but we don’t see her whining. Instead, she’s kind to absolutely everyone and tries to help improve the lives of others. I can’t wait ‘till she and Branson get together (they will, right?). Obviously a show like this needs to have a servant/family relationship and while one with Sybil isn’t as interesting (as she is the kindest and most open-minded), these two seem pretty cute.

She’s probably my favourite character along with Anna (and maybe Matthew). Anna is pretty awesome and while it’s surprising that I like the two “nice” girls, I can’t deny that they aren’t also really smart and interesting. I’m the most invested in Anna and Bates, couple-wise.

Matthew’s great but he, along with William (and even that Evelyn guy), seem to be chasing girls who are rejecting them. That knocks him down a peg. Why is he so insistent on drooling over Mary? And why is William obsessed with Daisy? I thought I’d like her but she hasn’t changed from the pilot. Aside from looking really young (why was the Thomas/Daisy thing even happening?), she acts like a kid.
Speaking of, Thomas and O’Brien are the show’s evil duo who really do encourage household scandal. I hate O’Brien: she is pure evil. Thomas is also exceptionally awful but I find him more interesting (still pretty evil). Also, how come the servants have such effective gaydars? Bates just got there and he already figured out that Thomas is gay? According to Daisy and Mrs. Patmore’s conversation, the head cook also knows. Wouldn’t that be really, really secret at that time?

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summer is coming to an end

I finished Mockingjay (I thought I'd read it in a day but I went out during the last two days so reading it was dragged out) today several hours ago. Yet, it keeps on popping up on my mind. And I just get these waves of sadness coming over me randomly, which is surprising me since I don't think I was that into the series. I think that the last book just made me realize how much I loved those characters, more so than I thought before, and how depressing...

The summer's ending and that's a whole new form of suckage. I'm dreading going back to school. I'm lucky I have a week left. My sister's going back to uni though and I'm going to miss her all over again.

I randomly started watching Skins. I think I'm going to stop once the original cast is done (I'm in Series Two so that should be soon). I discovered the beauty that is Netflix when my sister and I visited my oldest sister in NYC and didn't know what to watch. I guess I've heard so much about Skins on LJ, so I thought I'd try it out.

Oh, but we did find a gem of a TV show, Jack and Bobby. My sister (the second one) wanted to watch it (and I wanted to watch Pushing Daisies) but I gave in finally. There's these two brothers and one of them, the younger one, looks sooooo familiar. I'm thinking, "this kid looks just like Logan Lerman" and then he speaks and I'm sure it is him. Well, it was, and it's so cute watching him play Bobby who's such an idealistic, smart kid.

Speaking of being in NYC, I saw the Palace Hotel and the Plaza Hotel. Both gorgeous but the reason I cared was because of Gossip Girl, lol. Apparently the cast was shooting exteriors by Columbia, where my oldest sister used to go to, but since she wasn't home we didn't go (and she would've hated to since she finds GG more on the laughable side). Oh well, I would've only truly been excited if Ed or Leighton were there but it wasn't a huge disappointment, lol.

I did get treated to TWO broadway musicals, one of which I've been dying to see (Wicked). The other was In the Heights, which was also spectacular!

Okay, I logged on 'cause Mockingjay was still on my mind but I think I've been distracted enough for now. 'Night!

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"i don't want to lose the boy with the bread"


I don't want to lose the boy with the bread or the
Hunger Games series, either.

I went to Coles today and used my gift card to buy Mockingjay. As an added bonus, I was given a 20% discount for The Clockwork Angel. Well, I suppose I really must be part of the target group for these books.


I’m not sure how I feel about buying The Clockwork Angel anymore, now that I know there will be three more Mortal Instruments novels. That means that if I collect both trilogies, I’ll have NINE Cassandra Clare novels (and in their preferred hardcover form, they take up quite a bit of bookshelf space). I definitely would want to get the next three Mortal Instruments books but should I be getting The Infernal Devices ones too? I’ve heard that they are good but who knows if I will still care about this stuff in a few more years? When I’m in university?

Back to The Hunger Games:

I’m really excited to read Mockingjay. It’s beautiful with its baby blue hardcover-ness. Looks so much brighter and more hopeful! I’m skimming through Catching Fire now because it won’t be the same once I’ve finished reading the trilogy.

I love Peeta and Gale so much. I’ve been saying that I hate the triangle situation and that I can’t choose between Peeta and Gale. Certainly, Gale is the one I’d typically like more. The best friend. The less main character. The less of a “golden boy.”

Even so, I always did think that Katniss and Peeta would be a superior pairing simply because I think they’ve gotten more page-space, hints, and attention but mostly since they are more of opposites. They would balance each other out well.

Now, just skimming Catching Fire and looking forward to reading Mockingjay, I realize that deep down (lol) I know which character I care a bit more about. If one of them dies, I’ll be heartbroken. I’ll also be heartbroken for the guy who doesn’t get Katniss. But character wise, I like Peeta a tad bit more. Maybe more than a tad.

Both Peeta and Katniss (!) are refreshing characters that I will miss. Especially Katniss - who I probably like less than Peeta, Gale, and Cinna - because she has been such a refreshing female heroine. Okay, let's be honest, I hate her sometimes. But I welcome the fact that she's imperfect (well, except when other characters view her as so). And her trouble with the triangle frustrates me. But, like I said, she's a refreshing alternative.

Oh, and I love Finnick so much! Gosh, I better get back to reading!

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why do all good things come to an end?

It has been quite awhile since two of my favourite television shows aired their series finales. I loved them too much to not write one last entry dedicated to them (since what else do I write about on this LJ that doesn't have to do with movies, books, music, and television?).

Goodbye to 
Lost  and Ugly Betty
I'm glad I was able to anticipate the ending of Lost instead of settling for an abrupt ending, ala Veronica Mars but ten times more severe since so much of Lost is rooted in questions and the show's mythology. Though, that wasn't always the case since my favourite season of the show - the first - was heavily dependent on character studies. I read somewhere that the creators' goal was to return to that basis that garnered the show such a tremendously dedicated fanbase. I was, however, disappointed by the lack of answers offered to the viewers in the finale. Nevertheless, the finale was epic and is not one soon to be forgotten. My disappointment about some less than satisfying answers, or in some cases none at all, was overshadowed by the emotion the last episode invoked. I expected to be sad that the show was ending but I wasn't prepared for how touched I would get as characters started to "remember" in the purgatory or Lost!sideways universe. It reminded me of reading Deathly Hallows though, as amazing as Lost is, it does not compare with my Harry Potter obsession.
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airplanes in the night sky like shooting stars

[138] Multi-Fandom ICONS

[1-6] 15/Love (remember that YTV show?)
[7-12] The Vampire Diaries (Matt/Caroline)
[13-31] Harry Potter (Various)
[32-53] The Hunger Games book series
[54-57] Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher
[58-64] Twilight (movie + book)
[65-71] Movies/Book (Shopaholic, 500 Days, PotC, Sisterhood)
[72-77] Friday Night Lights
[78-80] 7th Heaven (Simon, Ruthie)
[81-90] Buffy the Vampire Slayer
[91-97] Lost (Sawyer, Charlie, Jin/Sun, Des)
[98-102] Gossip Girl
[103-106] Greek
[107-111] Degrassi: TNG (first cast)
[112-114] Roswell (Michael, Maria)
[115-116] One Tree Hill (Brooke Davis)
[117-122] Misc (TV + Celebs)
[123-138] Stock & Lyrical
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i'm finally free

...next up: summer school [physics]

Until then, I hope to update my neglected livejournal. I've been reading posts and commenting (and procrastinating by reading ohnotheydidnt)but I haven't made an actual post in awhile.
  • TV Season is over. That means the ultimate end for shows like Lost and Ugly Betty.
  • Due to the lack of something to watch, I ended up tuning in for two episodes of Pretty Little Liars.
  • Harry Potter news has been making me happy. And excited. And anxious.
  • I watched the MTV Movie Awards and MMVAs. Waiting for the Emmys.
  • Might be watching Eclipse. Okay, most likely.
  • I've read 27 books in 2010 so far. Haven't read as many books lately but loved the last one (A Match Made In High School). Now with my week break I might be reading more...
  • But then again, I actually have time to spend with friends and we won't be talking about school (much, lol).
  • I'm addicted to a bunch of new music.
  • I want to go to the Harry Potter Exhibition in Toronto. Yeah, I'm an HP nerd. =O
  • I have 137 ICONS to post.
  • I need a new layout. And I'm working on my LJ profile layout.
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[BOOK: If I Stay] "I realize now that dying is easy. Living is hard."

Finally, I wrote another book review - or something like it. All it took was paper, a pencil, library isolation, and the desire to avoid math homework. This snippet of writing is about a novel I was dying to read, If I Stay by Gayle Forman.

If I Stay
by Gayle Forman
read on: May 6, 2010

What compelled me to pick up this book more than the praise If I Stay has received was the brilliant premise. Some may regard it as a fantasy but I suppose we can not know what it is like to be in a coma. Plus, the family dynamic seems more far-fetched to me since it is so far from the families I know (though I know there are parents out there like that).

{The Premise} --- in my own words ---

If I Stay is focused on a teen cellist, Mia, who winds up in a coma when her parents are killed instantly and her younger brother is found in critical condition - all due to a car accident. This is the story of Mia's life-altering - literally - decision of whether or not to stay in the world of the living or perhaps find her parents in whatever afterlife may be.

{The Details}

Interwoven between tearful hospital visits and the medical fight between a beating heart and an absent pulse are snippets of memories that offer insight of what Mia has lost (her family), what she must hold onto (her loving boyfriend, Adam), and what she may gain (acceptance to Julliard and a successful music career). Not only do these memories affect Mia's decision but they also offer a better understanding of If I Stay's various and memorable characters.

{The Verdict}

I enjoyed this read, though I cannot see myself reading it again The novel was touching and the writing was done expertly well (yet remained genuine) but it did not affect me as much as I expected it to. I was not moved to tears but that does not mean the book did not offer an emotional ride. My favourite emotional moments are when Adam visits Mia at the end and when Gramps tells Mia that he understands if she cannot bear staying. The musical aspect of the novel was refreshing, especially how the two worlds of punk rock and classical were mixed together.  I appreciated the characters, including the colourful nurses, who I found likable. Yet, they did not resonate with me. Some of the flashbacks did not interest me and, had the novel been longer or more wrody, I probably would have found it difficult to get through. Yes, there are valuable scenes but they do not appear as often as I hoped. Her parents were okay but I did not find myself jealous of them like one may expect. They allowed Mia to be very independent and basically did not set any ground rules. I suppose that was part of their "hip" persona. No wonder Teddy looked only to Mia for certain parental things.

If you are looking for an quick and easy read that still manages to provoke your mind with the true meaning of family and teases your emotions with grief and happiness, If I Stay should definitely be on your to-read-list. In fact, it might as well be on your to-watch-list, since a movie adaptation is in the works. Hopefully it will create a greater impact for you, as it did with many other readers. I would give this book somewhere between a 3.5/5 and a 4/5.

{The Quotes} --- Spoilers; Do Not Venture Here ---

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i'm still painting flowers for you

I don't know if I'll be able to make a proper post today, so without further ado:


  • Movies in 2010: I need to make a list post (as I did for Books Read In 2010). So far, I've re-watched two movies in school (Bend It Like Beckham and Remember the Titans), started one in school (Cinderella Man), watched two in theatres (Avatar and Alice In Wonderland), watched one on TV (Just Like Heaven) and watched the rest on the lovely computer (Adam, Wild Child, Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging, and Valentine's Day).
  • Veronica Mars Marathon: Had a VM marathon with my best friend who has never watched the series. I just need to say that I LOVE LOGAN. And Season One is undoubtedly the best season though, I must admit that despite everything, I missed Cassidy. =O
  • Behind In TV: Once again I'm behind, though I have no excuse, lol. I mean, I did have March Break, didn't I? Yet somehow I'm behind in Lost (inexcusable!) and Grey's Anatomy (more excusable...).
  • Loving Greek: Evan/Rebecca are breaking my heart. </3 But I still love them and will root for them 'till the end of the show (which will be next year after 10 eps... at least it has a promising resolution).
  • The Vampire Diaries Sucked Me In: Like, wow. This is one of the shows that I was almost sure I would never watch. A love triangle with Nina Dobrev, who just reminded me of annoying Mia from Degrassi, and two vamps? Not my cup of tea. But I watched and episode, which I later found out was the twelfth, on television and saw that the show had so many other characters to love. Yeah, Matt/Caroline made me think of watching. Also, Damon was so entertaining and Ian Somerhalder is just... really hot. I'm on the eighth episode now and I really love Jeremy and... I got to say, Damon is so much fun to watch!
  • A Sev/Lily Fanmix: I never thought I would, but I started a fanmix. It's from the beginning of Severus and Lily's story, to the breakdown of their friendship, and ends in her death. Nothing after. I have a list of TWENTY-FOUR songs - I had to eliminate several to get there - and that is still too much. I never made a fanmix before but I've been seeing several and they look like a lot of fun. I never thought I could find enough songs to do a character/couple justice... but somehow I came up with a little over 30. Should I split the fanmix into two parts, twelve songs each? Also, I've gathered that I should be making a cover and track list back cover and upload these songs for people to download? Any of you have an idea of what site I should use/how I should do this?
  • Sarah Dessen Novels: To add to my list of only Just Listen, I have now read Lock and Key and This Lullaby. All five stars, though I think This Lullaby has an edge above the others... I didn't expect this because I thought that I wouldn't like a novel that focused solely on the romance as much but I found that the couple was so much more developed and gosh, I am just in love with Dexter! I must read The Truth About Forever since Wes is apparently the best (but better than Dexter?) and Along for the Ride because I have it with me. But first, The Luxe.
Yeah, I thought this would be incredibly brief but obviously I have trouble making short entries. Now I'm off to watch the eighth episode of TVD and then some other stuff. I know a lot of my LJ friends watch The Vampire Diaries but I don't know which 'cause I didn't pay much attention to that before... so if you do, comment?

And oh noes, MARCH BREAK = 1 DAY, which is practically not included since it's the weekend.

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i will not be frozen, dancing is my remedy [♪]


I really fail at updating my LJ. Like, I haven't posted about TV in a really long time and I didn't post anything about the Olympics, which I was watching practically 24/7 (just not while at school - and btw, Vancouver Olympics was amazing!).
And I planned to post and it's already Thursday so I think it's about time.

[no spoilers... except only read Gossip Girl part if you watched the episode, I guess, though it's not spoilery]
[] {BOOKS} Percy Jackson: The Lightning Thief
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[] {MOVIES} Alice In Wonderland
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[] {MUSIC} Almost Alice
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[] {TVGossip Girl; The Lady Vanished
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Okay, so I wrote quite a bit about those topics and I think I should stop there and continue on another post about the other stuff, which would include Catching Fire/newfound-love-for-the-Hunger-Games-fandom, a fandom profile for The Mortal Instruments Series, latest comments on Greek and anything else.