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18 April
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a walk to remember, adobe photoshop, all-american rejects, aly & aj, anne of green gables, avril lavigne, books, boys like girls, canada, chick lit, drawing, everwood, fall out boy, fanfiction, fantasy, gossip girl, graphics, grey's anatomy, harry potter, hedley, heroes, historical fiction, j.k. rowling, kelly clarkson, lily allen, linkin park, lost, maroon 5, metro station, movies, music, natasha bedingfield, nelly furtado, onerepublic, panic! at the disco, paramore, pink, pirates of the carribean, pride and prejudice, reading, rihanna, ron weasley, roswell, shopaholic, shopping, silverwing, simple plan, smallville, sophie kinsella, spider-man, teen lit, television, the o.c., the veronicas, traveling pants, tsloat, ugly betty, veronica mars, writing

little miss obsessive can't get over it

I actively update my TUMBLR

Female. High school senior. Canadian. █ ♥ █

LIVEJOURNAL // Fandom (book/movie/tv) Rants, Reviews, Thoughts, Squee-Posts, and etc. Graphics (icons, headers, pictures, and more).

BOOKS // HARRY POTTER. Books: Harry Potter, Sophie Kinsella Novels (Shopaholic, Can You Keep A Secret, & etc.), Firedrake (Ann Ewan), Pride & Prejudice, Anne of Green Gables, Silverwing Saga, Inheritance Cycle, The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants, A Walk To Remember, A Series of Unfortunate Events...

TV SHOWS // Television Fandoms: TV SHOWS [Click] (An Icon-List of the TV shows I follow/have followed, along with some more details on my fave ships/characters.) NOW OUTDATED - to be re-done.

MOVIES // Epics. Chick Flicks. Teen Flicks. Dramas. Book Adaptations. FLICKS[Click] (An Banner-List of the movies I just won’t forget (and thus, totally recommend). (Needs to be updated)

FRIENDS // Comment before you add me as a friend so I'll add you back. Common interests?

INTERESTS // Reading. Writing. My Fave Fandoms. Daydreaming. Drawing (mostly fashion). Hanging Out With Friends. Meeting New People. Watching Movies. Listening to Music. Adobe Photoshop. Surfing the Web.

NOTE: Scratch that, I don’t have a note.

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